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The Beauty that Invites Prayer

Recording Artists

We welcome recording artists performing our compositions!

A number of artists have made recordings. Alex Knight and the WYSPERS (Wahroonga Youth Singers and Players) recorded many of the Psalms For All Time Volume 1, the "Mass of Glory and Praise" and hymns such as "From Good Will to Faith." The John Paul Singers under the direction of Donrita Reefman recorded "Mass Shalom." The St Joseph's School Choir under the direction of Angela Quinn recorded the Lenten mantra "Reshape My Heart." Louise Symes and Paul Mason recorded the RCIA Purification and Enlightenment chant "I Believe." Louise Symes, Cassandra Cordero and Nada Jasz recorded the psalms for Lent Year A from Psalms For All Time Volumes 1 and 2. Seth Harsh and Michaela Rose recorded the psalms for Lent Year B from Psalms For All Time Volumes 1 and 2. And Kamahl made a beautiful recording of "Love Never Ends" for inclusion in his album "Faith of Our Fathers."         

If you make a recording of any of Liturgical Song's catalogue of sacred music, please contact us.