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The Beauty that Invites Prayer

Lenten Acclamation

During Lent, an acclamation praising Jesus Christ is sung instead of the Alleluia. It has the same purpose as the Alleluia, acclaiming the arrival of the Gospel and accompanying the procession of the minister and the book of Gospels.

The Lenten acclamation is the primary Gospel acclamation of the assembly in the Liturgy of the Word during Lent. By its very nature It is a song, and should be sung by all while standing and awaiting the Gospel.

Led by a cantor or the choir, the Lenten acclamation should begin after a brief period of silence following the reading or psalm before the Gospel. The aclamation should be repeated if appropriate. The cantor or choir sing a verse after the initial round of acclamation. The acclamation is then sung again by all. The rite should last until the minister proclaiming the Gospel is ready to greet the people. The choice of musical setting should take into account the time needed for the accompanying procession.