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The Beauty that Invites Prayer


When your worshipping community inserts song lyrics or images of lyrics and melody into worship aids such as bulletins, song sheets, booklets or projection slides, a copyright license is required. Most worshipping communities use these kinds of worship aids on occasions such as weddings, funerals, and sacramental celebrations. Some communities use these kinds of worship aids each week. 

The Role of Copyright in Repertoire Strategy

Not all copyright licenses are equal. The decision on which copyright license to use is strategic, impacting on a worshipping community's repertoire strategy.

One License (previously LicenSing Online) and Word of Life International cover the broadest range of Catholic liturgical music. Both require reporting of usage of songs for each occasion where worship aids containing lyrics and melody are used. Liturgical Song is a Partner Publisher with both One License and Word of Life.

Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) specialise in covering contemporary Christian praise and worship songs. They do not cover Catholic liturgical music such as Mass settings, responsorial psalms and other liturgical songs that use Catholic liturgical texts. Because the overwhelming majority of our song catalogue use Catholic liturgical texts, Liturgical Song is not a Partner Publisher with CCLI.

Catholic worshipping communities will have either Word of Life or One License to cover their general worship aid production needs.

Which Liturgical Song Publications Can Be Copied and Reprinted?

All publications containing choral music, instrumental music, keyboard accompaniment or guitar accompaniment cannot be copied or reprinted. Each musician is expected to have an original publication, whether it is an ebook on an iPad or a printed edition. The only publications that can be copied or reprinted are the "For Assemblies" publications. Owners of these editions are authorised to copy or reprint the text and melody using a Church copyright license from One License or Word of Life International, providing the usage of the songs is reported in the manner required by the copyright license provider.


One License provides a website for weekly reporting of usage of songs where copied lyrics and /or melody have been inserted into a worship aid. One License makes reporting easy, by providing easy searching of items and creation of lists of regularly reported items.

Word of Life requires some calculations to be made and manual recording of information. To help with reporting to Word of Life, please use the Excel spreadsheet below, copying the relevant items into your annual report.

Word of Life Copyright Reporting Aid Word of Life Copyright Reporting Aid (14 KB)