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The Beauty that Invites Prayer

Psalms For All Time Volume 2

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    Psalms For All Time Volume 2
    Psalms For All Time Volume 2Psalms For All Time Volume 2Psalms For All Time Volume 2Psalms For All Time Volume 2Psalms For All Time Volume 2


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    Psalms For All Time: Volume 2

    Lectionary psalms for Sundays and feasts

    Spiral-bound A4 book, 126 pages.


    Psalms For All Time

    Psalms for All Time equips parishes and schools with a core repertoire of prayerful, memorable, contemporary settings of the psalms for every Mass and liturgical celebration. The responses are instantly singable by the entire assembly, yet bear the weight of repeated singing. In each psalm setting, the response and verses form a single integrated song, drawing the assembly into the experience of the whole psalm. 

    The sprung metre verses of the Grail text are set to attractive melodies using contemporary composition techniques for melodic, harmonic and rhythmic prosody and contrast. This greatly helps in praying the psalms over and over, being able to readily recall the melodies to which the texts are set.

    Volume 2

    Volume 2 extends the core common and seasonal psalm repertoire of Volume 1 with thirty-four lectionary psalm settings for Sundays and feasts of the year.  The settings in this collection use the Revised Grail Psalter translation of the psalms, which was approved for use in the liturgy in 2013 by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.  This newly approved translation has been adopted enthusiastically throughout the world.

    Psalms for All Time Volume 2 released in July 2017 and is now available.

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